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Facebook App Pages

Our customized Facebook Page Apps are designed to make your brand look "Big Time" and at an affordable price. We bring your company brand, logo, colors, message and over-all look/feel to life. Creating a captivating presentation of your business enhances and influences your potential customers to do business with you. We have a special place in our heart for small-business folks and we offer a variety of ways to customize your Facebook Business Page that will fit almost any budget. You can start with a full package or maybe just a part of a package and add whatever additional features, widgets and gidgets À la carte including: sign-up forms, videos, slideshows, etc.

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Facebook Fan-Gate / Reveal App Pages

These are also called "fan-gates or like-gates". This is where a visitor is directed to a 2 page process on Facebook that includes an incentive to "Like" the page. For example, "Like" our page and get an exclusive free video just for our fans! Once "Liked", a second page is revealed showing the instant access to the designated incentive. Typically, our clients like to offer a free informational video, ebook, whitepaper download, free chapter of a book, coupon, etc. to encourage a visitor to "Like the page. They do this either with a direct link or through email after they sign up to receive the offer. For example, “Thanks for liking our page! Where would you like us to send the link to your free Video?”

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